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Swiss micro turning parts: machining parts by automatic turning

Polydec SA is an established microengineering partner, with specific expertise in micro turning parts. Equipped with around fifty primarily CNC turning machines, 90% of which are "Swiss made", the turned parts company is capable of meeting the toughest demands in terms of precision, production and versatility.

Swiss turning parts at Polydec SA is split into two departments:


"Escomatic" turning machines for creating parts with simple shapes, very often in large volumes…

At Polydec SA, the cam- or numerically controlled (CNC) "Escomatic" turning machines are mainly used for parts with simple designs, such as pins or shafts. In this type of machine, it is the tools that turn around the material. This material takes the form of wire coiled on a spool.

Due to its short cycle times, this method has the advantage of improving productivity, allowing the company to achieve long production runs at competitive prices compared to parts produced with turning machines with a sliding headstock!


"Tornos" sliding headstock CNC turning machines for complex parts…

At Polydec SA, the turning machines are numerically controlled and are reserved for producing very small parts with complex shapes, that cannot therefore be produced on "Escomatic" turning machines. They all contain a feeder which automatically places the bars of material. Unlike the "Escomatic" process, in this case it is the material that turns and the tools are fixed.

Other technical tasks can be performed during the same operating cycle: polygon operation, milling, drilling, tapping, threading or even knurling.


Additional treatments

For a clean surface and an impeccable finish on the bar-turned parts, Polydec SA offers a complete service, performing additional operations such as:

These operations are either carried out in-house, or by certified external partners.

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Examples of the most commonly used materials

soft steels for automatic machines, 1213, 12L14

tempering steels for automatic machines, 1095, Sandvik 20AP

construction steels, 52100

martensitic stainless steels, 420F, Sandvik 4C27A

austenitic stainless steels, 303, 316, 316L, 316LVM

copper alloys, C17300 CuBe, C38500 brass, N09 and NM2 nickel silver


Usual dimensions

Diameters between 0.05 mm and 4 mm (in some cases up to 6 mm)
Max. length 50 mm

Activity sectors






Possibility of achieving tolerances of +/- 0.002 mm depending on the material and shape of the part


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