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A long-term relationship

Building and developing lasting customer relations is a constant challenge! Everyone you speak to has their own way of communicating and their own standards, not to mention cultural differences…

Polydec SA attaches particular importance to maintaining contact with existing and potential customers. The company regularly visits sites with its engineers and specialists to pinpoint exactly what is required. Customers are also welcome to visit our workshops in Switzerland. If necessary, Polydec SA is also open to customer audits.

All the information subsequently gathered is regularly entered into a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), where all the details are collected and centralised. Polydec SA has integrated this structure in its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which has been developed and programmed entirely in-house.

All company departments collaborate in entering this data routinely, thus ensuring that everyone has direct access to information concerning any interaction with the customer:

  • Order history
  • Special terms and conditions
  • Technical documents
  • Contact persons
  • Satisfaction levels, etc.

By analysing the information gathered during these visits, Polydec SA can adapt its products and services to match each customer's specific expectations.

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