Polydec has produced its 5’000’000’000th part as they install themselves in their new factory, a great coincidence !

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Polydec needed 23 years to produce its first 2’000’000’000 parts, but then only needed 8 years to more than double that production volume. On May 31st, 2016, at 10:57 am, Polydec produced its 5’000’000’000th part!

The company took advantage of this event to inaugurate its new cafeteria in the newly acquired and renovated buildings. On this occasion the illustrator, Caroline Rutz, created a whimsical, 4 meter long drawing, to “mark the occasion”.

All the colleagues were invited at the end of morning for a surprise aperitif. A gesture of thanks for the investment of all for the daily work and for the successful move.

"We made a record number of deliveries during the challenging period of moving the factory. This wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts that everyone contributed! We consider ourselves, Jean-François and myself, fortunate to have such a team and we sincerely thank everybody for their involvement! " said Claude Konrad, CEO of Polydec.


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